Monday, November 2, 2009

What Is The Moon All About

The moon is still a space object shrouded in mysteries. Is there life on the moon? What exactly are its origins? Look up stuff about the moon and you will be suprised what you learn!


The Mysteries Of The Moon

Ever since the first person walked the earth, the moon has been a celebrated celestial body. Celestial charting is extremely important for survival and gives people with this knowlege power over many things in life.


Documenting Lunar Energy

There are many ways of filming the moon including on focusing on the energy that it emits and reflects back to earth. Check out this energy scan of the moon that I did for YouTube.


Capturing The Moon Surface

The lunar landscape is anything but dull. Why not scan it for activity. Perhaps you may see a space craft, bridges, or building! Check it out.


Difficulties In Capturing The Moon On Video

Trying to capture the moon up close is difficult unless you have some form of stabilization and an excellent telescoping lens. With digital cameras many have super zooms but they often lack the resolution where a regular telescope camera may do better. In this video I show the difficulties of filming the moon. Enjoy.


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